Welcome to my Celine Dion web site.
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Celine was born as a French 
Canadian on March 30th,1968 in 
Charlemagne, Quebec.
She is the youngest of fourteen children.
This wonderful artist has taken everyone 
around the world by storm with her
 beautiful voice & wonderful music. 
Her voice is as big as her heart.
 So with that in mind
"Let's Talk About"

Celine Dion











Celine on the new cover of 7 Jours 






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Please do not email asking questions about
Celine's personal life & about her management.
We are not related to Celine & have never met
her. We don't even know how to get in touch
with her. Thanks, Dan & Kathy W.


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Let it be known that if I had the time & resources,
I would have this site in French also.
I just wanted to let you Canadian fans know
that I  was thinking of you too.
There are a lot of wonderful Celine sites
 on the net. I compliment you all. 
 Each one seems to have
their own personality.
I have & will still enjoy looking at
all of them from time to time.
This site is not in competition with any
 other site. Thanks !

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